Gameboy Advance Map Editor

2005-01-08: Proudly announcing 0.03, which allows editing for maps of size other than 128*128 tiles. Other alterations presented in the ChangeLog. Thanks go again to Boin.

Updated 23rd December, 2004: Despite this project falling by the wayside for myself, it's always comforting to find that somebody somewhere is using it. Not only that, but that somebody somewhere is modifying the software, and returning the changes to me. One gent, Boin Francois, has sent me a modified version of gbamapedit. This modified version does everything that the software did before, but adds the possibility of using the header file format the GIMP outputs.

This modification has been released as gbamapedit-0.02, and can be found on this page.

While I don't think this project will be of much use to many people other than myself, I still felt like devoting yet another page on the web to it.

It's a simple little map editor for use when you're generating maps for Gameboy Advance games ... it accepts the tile data and palette, and outputs the map information using this. Compile it all together as you normally would, and you have your map in your game.

This software is quite fussy about its input, and is definately not guaranteed to work. The whole point in me writing it was to get a better grasp at coding in C, and also to give me a chance to learn a little GTK. The other obvious benefit was that it allowed me to edit pretty huge maps for my Gameboy Advance stuff pretty quickly. I was not aiming for a robust piece of software that will handle errors sensibly ;)

I'm releasing this under the GPL purely in the off-chance that anyone might want to develop it further, although I fully intend to extend the software a little further from it's 0.01 release. The source is also available so that people can offer constructive criticism, if they so wish :)

Currently, the only additions I plan to make to the code will allow the ability to edit maps of sizes other than 128*128 tiles, and also to allow the user to load a map after starting the program, although other ideas may follow ... see the README for more information.

Obligatory screenshot:

Releases can be found here.

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